Configuration file

Configuration file is a simple yaml file with options-value pairs, for instance

smart-quotes: false
auto-prefix: true
auto-import: "from import plsi, plsi_sz"

The available options are

smart-quotes (default: true)
If set to false, strings in translated sources will have the same quotes as in the original source. Otherwise, if translation of a single-quoted includes a single quote, Trubar will output a double-quoted string and vice-versa. If translated message contains both types of quotes, they must be escaped with backslash.
auto-prefix (default: true)
If set, Trubar will turn strings into f-strings if translation contains braces and adding an f- prefix makes it a syntactically valid string, unless the original string already included braces, in which case this may had been a pattern for str.format.
auto-import (default: none)
A string that, if specified, is prepended to the beginning of each source file with translation. The use is described in the section on plural forms.
static-files (default: none)
A path of directory whose content is copied into translated sources. See the section on plural forms.
exclude-pattern (default: "tests/test_")
A regular expression for filtering out the files that should not be translated. The primary use for this is to exclude unit tests.
encoding (default: system locale)
Characted encoding for .jaml files, such as "utf-8" or `"cp-1252".